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Our Featured Projects.

Train Bridge: Santa Cruz, California 
Coastal Bluffs: Pacifica, California

From routine inspections to showcasing your project we can get the images you need.

Highway 28: Lake Tahoe, Nevada

In our off time we enjoy taking in the sights and sounds of nature, occasionally we also attempt to capture and share these moments with anyone that cares to watch.  One of our favorite spots is in Lake Tahoe, where we can find a little of everything all in a single location.



Pepperdine University: Malibu, California

Our mapping expertise was well utilized on some recent inspection and mapping missions performed for Pepperdine.  We have a unique opportunity to share data with our partner company (RJR Engineering & Consultants, Inc.) to integrate our engineering prowess with our inspection and mapping skills.  We were able to provide the engineers with the data they needed and the mapping models and output that allowed them to keep tabs on a lengthy multi-phase project.  In addition to the mapping a few side videography and photography opportunities throughout the campus was also requested. 


Ventura Marathon: Ventura, California

We partnered up with our fellow flyers at Channel Island Aerial to team shoot the 2015 Ventura Marathon.  This was a very fun shoot and the collaboration was on point.

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