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Mapping Project

Let EIS coordinate your site mapping needs.  We can produce geo-referenced and spatially accurate data for all your mapping needs.  Partnering with our partner company (RJR Engineering & Consultants, Inc.), we have the expertise to take pre-existing surveyed GCPs and create a working model or multiple re-occurring models to compare site development progress, produce non-boundary site maps and earthwork volume calculations, and Geo-tagged orthomosaic images.  We can take your existing site maps and overlay our models and create multiple data driven representations of that surface (topographic models, DEM, TIN surfaces, corrected models, inspection data, storm water data, etc.  You name it we can map it.

We can take your vision from start to finish and we can do it quicker than traditional surveying can which translates to cheaper costs for you. 

Note:  A registered land surveyor and/or civil engineer is required to stamp and sign any submittable site-plan, survey,  and/or calculation, etc. based off any mapping.  You must check with any governing body prior to requesting work to ensure that you comply with local, state, and/or federal requirements prior to creation of any mapping.  We can assist you with identifying any requirements that you may need for any given task you need completed.  Our parent company has obtained many of the required licenses in multiple states to ensure that the data we deliver is the data you need. 

Also note the photos below do NOT represent every step required to fulfill all mapping needs, these are just the highlights.  There are many background checks and verification of the data that is required to ensure accuracy and tie-in to any gived datum.  These checks often are required to be done by licensed professionals.

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